Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adding 'cmd.exe' onto the Windows context menu

Manually add the context menu

In explorer, open Tools, Folder Options.
Select the File Types tab.
For Windows XP: Go to NONE / Folder.
For Windows 2000: Press n to scroll to the N/A section.
For Windows NT/98/95: Press f to scroll to the Folders section.
Select the entry labeled Folder
For Windows 2000/XP: Press Advanced button.
For Windows NT/98/95: Press Edit button.
Select New
In the action block type "Command Prompt" without the quotes.
In the app block type "cmd.exe" without the quotes.
Save and exit Folder Options.
Now right click on Start, you should have a new drop down option. Open explorer and right click on a folder, select Command Prompt and a command window opens in that folder.

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